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Low Roar的《I'll Keep Coming》 Faintly I'll go to take this head on soon i'll come around lost and never found waiting for my words seen but never heard buried underground but i'll keep coming Wipe those tears off and make your...

Why do we keep coming back for more… 为什么我们一直来来回回取更多的(东西)......

I keep coming back for more 我再也不回来了。

歌曲名:Keep Coming Back 歌手:Richard Marx 专辑:Hits & Ballads Keep Coming Back Richard Marx 编辑 校对:聆风听雨 ++++++++++ Yeah-- Oh--- You know just how to hurt me And how to take all the pain away Girl, you must be the devil i...

keep coming back : 不断地回来 / 不断地重复 / 不断地出现

《Keep It Coming》 演唱:LMNT 所属专辑:All Sides 发行时间:2002-06-04 歌词: I'll keep it I'll keep it I'll keep it I'll keep it... I'll keep it comin' with the Oooh, Oooh I'll keep it comin' with the Oooh, Oooh I'll keep it c...

keep coming back 继续回来


不好意思,希望你能理解.因为这句话要表达的意思确实是贬义的.所以不会还好听的. 它的意思就相当于汉语里的"得寸进尺"

歌曲名:Keep It Coming 歌手:原声大碟 专辑:极品飞车 Summertime Feeling free Come on baby let's fly away To a place Just you and I It doesn't matter anywhere is fine I know we had our problems Let's put it all behind us now Break ...

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