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儿歌名称:wash your hands 歌词: 亲爱的小朋友 吃东西以前 保持干净身体才会健康呦 wash your hands before you eat wash your hands before you eat 我们现在要去洗手喽 准备好了没? OK OK! 记得要开小小水喔 wash wash wash 洗洗手 wash w...

1. 洗手 2. 洗你的手 例句: 1. And after reading this, you are definitely going to want to washyour hands. 读过这篇文章之后,你肯定会产生去洗手的念头。 2. Doctors say wash your hands and keep your fingers away fromyour mouth, nos...

wash your hands 把手洗干净 双语对照 例句: 1. Don't forget to wash your hands. 别忘了洗手。 2. Not gonna wash your hands? 都不不洗了? 3. Wash your hands, quickly. Go! 把手洗干净,快去吧!

应该是: You should wash your hands(first) 意思就是: 你应该先洗手

洗手 双语例句 1. I bet you make breakfast and wash up their plates, too. 我肯定是你做的早餐并且清洗了他们的餐具。 2. This will all come out in the wash—I promise you. 一切终会真相大白的——我向你保证。 3. Wash them in cold water ...

好像是电影的《音乐之声》中主题曲《哆来咪》下面是歌词 哆来咪doe-ray-me的英语歌词 doe a deer a female deer ray a drop of golden sun me a ...

这是美式英语口语中常见的说法。解释如下: 此处go 用于命令句,与不带to的动词不定式连用,表示愤怒地打发某人走开;或者表达强烈的祈使意味,命令意味: Go jump in a lake! 滚开!

你好! Go and Wash your hands 去洗你的手

well--clean 亲:祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V! 望采纳,thx!

danny is washing his hands.

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