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歌曲名:That'S What She Said 歌手:Flora Purim 专辑:That'S What She Said Kid Liberty - That's What She Said So I'm headed out of town for the first time in a long time, and you cry yourself to sleep at the thought of losing me. A...

A joking and often tasteless retort, intended to draw attention to a previous statement which has the potential for a risqué double entendre. 一个玩笑或是一个无味的反驳,用来引起对你曾经的表述的注意,因为你的这一表述带有和性有...

第二部分是另外一首歌Where Can We Go From Here I tried to pick the pieces up And I can''t think of starting over We used to share the stars above I don''t wanna think it''s changed But now I gotta move on I''ve gotta catch up to...

There are people who say what you wanna hear Even on a rainy day they tell you the sky is clear When you really really love someone Am I right when I say that you want them near? And if you care you even tell them things that t...


已发送至邮箱,请及时查收----陈以桐、jason chen - 她说 - what she said(MP3格式) 百度ID注明在邮箱处 如有问题百度hi我或邮箱留言。

(What she said) is reasonable 括号内是以what引导的主语从句,其本身就是一个完整的句子。 She said is reasonable 这是错误的句子,一个句子中出现了两个并列的谓语动词。 这两个句子完全不同,第一个是正确的,第二个是杜撰的错句。

“what she said”表示“她说的话或事”是过去发生的事情,所以要把纯粹的宾格“我们 us”改成”我们的“宾格“ours” What she said was the same as ours。

因为that引导的宾语从句缺少主语,所以用What充当主语,而that只能充当定语从句的主语。 最后那个句子,that 引导宾语从句啊!Which you did做know 的宾语啊!

what she said意思是”她说的话“,相当于一个名词,在句中作为主语,用陈述语序。 what是引导词,因此不能省去。 例如:Where she lives is a beautiful place.她居住的地方很美丽。 其中where she lives 是主语从句,结构与what she said相似。

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