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subscribe to 认购 ; 订阅 ; 赞成 ; 同意 subscribe for 认购 ; 预订 ; 预定 ; 捐款 subscribe for (v.+prep.)订购,预订… pay money in advance so as to receive (sth) subscribe for sthWe have subscribed for the book.我们已订购了那本书。...

subscribe to (v.+prep.)向…捐… pay (money) to (a collection) subscribe to sth 例句: 1.I regularly subscribe to the Red Cross. 我定期向红十字会捐款. 2.He subscribes liberally to charities. 他慷慨地捐助慈善事业. subscribe for (v....

subscribe to在这里是赞同、同意、支持的意思, subscribe to the view/belief/theory/policy赞同支持某种看法/观点/理论/政策

只接收账户相关的邮件,以及那些我订阅的。 供参考。

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Subscribe Save的中文翻译 Subscribe Save 订阅保存 双语例句 1 Journals may choose to subscribe to online customers, to save costs. 期刊客户可以选择在线订阅,以节约成本。 2 If you don't save, changes will be discarded, but may sti...

我对教科书进行了订购。 这样翻译,介宾短语在英语和中文里面都是作状语了,但不够简练和通顺,不如“我订购了教科书”。

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