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part one、part two,这两个部分的内容可能完全不相关。 the first part,一般指整体中的第一个部分,内容大都相关联的。




do one's part v.尽自己的职责; 例句: 1. Tourism thrives in part, one senses, because berlin's historical ghosts donot compete with the commercial clamour of a metropolis. 有人认为其旅游业的繁荣部分源于柏林历史遗迹没有受到大都市...

The bar graph illustrates the number of people who received high(用tertiary好) education in China from 1990 to 2004. The percentage of people possessing higher education level increased dramatically by around 63% during this pe...


on one's part 在某人方面 举例: Was he wrong when he said that prophecy requires no action on one's part for itsfulfilment? 他说,人不需要做任何事情来实现预言,他是错的吗? for one's part adv. 对某人来说 至于某人,对某人来说 举...

one part of 其中的一部分 双语对照 例句: 1. Talent is only one part of success. 2.人才只是成功的一部分因素

飞轮演出项目第一部分 飞轮海:中国台湾男子流行演唱组合

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