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Dancing bears 跳舞的小熊 Painted wings 着色的翅膀 Things I almost remember 我几乎能回忆起的事情 And a song 还有一首歌 Someone sings 有人这样唱道 Once upon a December 在从前的一个十二月 Someone holds me safe and warm 有人温暖而...

Once upon a December Dancing bears Painted wings Things I almost remember, And a song someone sings once upon a december Someone holds me safe...

歌曲名:Once Upon A December 歌手:Becky Jane Taylor&Simon Hale 专辑:A Dream Come True Once upon a December Deana Carter Anastasia Once upon a December Anastasia By: 小羽 Dancing bears, Painted wings, Things I almost remember, An...

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