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STD Code正确的填法是:+86 10 xxxx xxxx (北京的电话号码)

landline number 座机号码 例句: 1. If your potential date is "separated" but calls you from a mobile only at odd, or set,times, won't give you a landline number, and can't ever seem to meet you on aweekend night, forget it. 如果...

post code:邮编; landline number 是指家庭固定电话。 固定电话如果没有可以不填。写上自己手机号就可以了。

landline number是固定电话号码 STD code 是区号,举例:中国手机加0086,英国加0044

landline land.line AHD:[l²nd“lºn”] D.J.[6l#nd7lain] K.K.[6l#nd7la!n] n.(名词) A communications cable, as one used to transmit telephone or telegraph signals. 陆上线路:通讯电缆,如用来传递电话或电报信号

mobile or landline 手机或固定电话 Every call from a mobile or landline phone is being recorded and processed. Billions of messages are being intercepted. 还能记录并处理分析手机或座机的通话内容,截获数十亿条信息。 请采纳 如果你...

landline telephone 固定电话; 双语例句 1 It may be for promotional or training videos made by private companies or even for novelty purposes like a 'celebrity' voicemail on a mobile or landline telephone. 这些声音可以被私人公司...

land line直译为陆上线路,就是传统的有线电话,旨在区分与移动电话的不同性质。


神州行大众卡 Divine land good populace card 神州行畅听卡 The divine land line smoothly listens to the card 神州行0月租卡 A divine land line ...

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