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答案及精解 36.【答案精解】D。判断题。第一段的第二句话“A budget(预算)is a spending plan.It can help you spend money wisely.”预算帮助你...

spend time /money on sth. (in)doing sth. pay money to do sth. cost 主语是物。 sth costs sb. money take It takes sb money . 你上课咋不记笔记= =

It () mike twenty minutes to walk to school every day A spends B pays C takes D costs 此题答案选C spend的用法为: sb. spend money/time...

settle. settle in 意思是“对.....习惯,适应。” 全句意思是:他们过去常常有钱花,并且感觉这样很习惯。

我把这个句子加几个词 也许你就明白了 I think your sister is old enough to know something better than to spend all her money on fancy goods. 我在know的后面加了个something 直译:你妹妹年纪不小了(你妹妹够大了),应该能知道做一些比...

to是动词不定式符号,to do sth作目的状语表示来做什么 -------------Shanghai Onesmart Education is glad to serve for you.

The opinion that more money should be spent on building modern houses rather traditional ones, from my point of view, is rational and I fully...

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