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mean在这里是实意动词,前面不用系动词,陈述句为That means而不是That is mean,在问句中助动词要用do(does)

What is that mean 那是什么意思 双语对照 例句: 1. What is that mean, deal with it? 处理是什么意思?

that means 这意味着 双语例句: 1.That means not to expect anything in return! 这并不意味着期待一切待到回报! 2.They want them to quote your report,” she says.“That means more money for thenext report. 他们希望能够引用你的报道”...

does that mean I have a chance to be accepted by your school

it means that ....这是一个由that引导的主语从句吗啊?为什么? 应该是表语从句。 It 是主语. means是谓语 this is a daunting task是表语,由that引导。

What does that mean?与What is that meaning?意思一样

which 代指这个 means 意味着 that 连接词 which means that 这意味着;即是;也就是; 严格来说与光使用一个连接词that意思并不完全一样 不过在有些情况下意思可能会差不多,互换也是可以的。

what i mean is that 一般情况下,作宾语从句的话不省略that

这个句子不完整 不知道后边是什么 只是凭这几个词看的话可能是 this 作主语 means 单三作谓语 后边加that 宾语从句 所以谓语的means 要用动词 如果用名词的话后边就不能加that了

这里的that...引导的是宾语从句。 请看下面一个例子: The air pollution is becoming more and more serious, which means that more efforts should be made to deal with it. 这里which引导的是定语从句,which指代前面那一件事。that引导的...

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