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in long terms of 在长时间的 If you fail, you can always retake in a few months time, which is not too long in terms of your whole life. 即使失败了,你也能用几个月时间重头再来,相对于整个生命来说,几个月并不算长。 Moreover, Chi...

小题1:C小题2:D小题3:D小题4:D小题5:C 试题分析:这是一篇关于美国教育体制的一篇说明文,文中简要介绍了美国的高中和大学的学业制度。小题1:根据the first term is from September to January, and the second is from February to June.描述...


1.two terms 2.five(years old) 3.go to college 4.only four or five subjects 5.they have to pay a lot of money for their studies 保证全部正确

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