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i want to come back,don't want to love argin歌名是 《i don't want to love you no more》

歌名就叫always come back to your love阿,歌手是samantha mumba。至于中文歌名。。。自己翻译吧。。..

演唱歌手:Samantha Mumba 莎曼珊曼芭 词曲作者:Mikkel S.E/Hallgeir Ruston 所属专辑:Gotta Tell You 发行公司:SONY唱片 发行日期:2000年11月 语言种类:英语 专辑简介:暂无专辑简介 专辑曲目: 1. Gotta Tell You 2. Body To Body 3. Baby Come...

i want you-《chained to you》 anytime i need to see your face i just close my eyes and i am taken to a place where your crystal minds and my gentle feelings take up shelter in the base of my spine sweet like a chica cherry cola...

曲名:Come Back To My Love 歌手:Eric Carmen 专辑:Eric Carmen (2) 或者是 曲名:Come Back To Love 歌手:Rachel Scott 专辑:Resolution 我有查过这两首歌的come back to my love my love ...重复桥段挺多的

第一首Avril Lavigne - When You Are Gone I always needed time on my own I never thought I'd need you there when I cried And the days ...

Show me where I belong tonight. 告诉我今晚将属于哪里 Give me a reason to stay. 给我一个停留的理由 No matter if I go left or right. 无论我向左还是向右 I always come back to your love 我永远会回到你爱的怀抱 I've been up and down....

宇多田光的《flavor of love》

yesterday once more

[ti:红尘来去一场梦(come Back to Me)] [ar:巫启贤] [al:寻贤启事新选辑] [by:sailun] [00:00.00]]红尘来去一场梦(come Back to Me) [00:05.00]演唱:巫启贤 [00:10.00] [00:32.00]Will my love come back to me [00:38.00]should I set my love...

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