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Busy At

没啥区别…… at更精确于具体的一点,with比较宽泛

yes,I am I usually do my homework. Yes, he is.

确实有 be busy at... ... 忙于做某事:be busy at (with,about,over,doing) sth 都可以。 如:妈妈整天忙于做家务。可以说:My mum is busy at housework all day. 这个句子中at可以用括号里的词替换。

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . the man is too busy at work.to take a vacation

小题1:B小题2:A小题3:B小题4:C 试题分析:本文介绍芝加哥大学的研究人员是用机器来记录人的脑电波和眼球的运动,研究的做梦的人,发现人每天晚上会做梦,但大部分人都不记得做的梦。但可以记住醒来之前做的梦。小题1:细节题:从第一段的句子:I...

请检查下串口COM5是否是连接Arduino板的串口。 或者COM5已被其它程序占用了。

After a particularly busy period at work, I decided to get away from it all by going on a hike in the mountains in southern France. Before I left, I read an interesting story in a magazine. It read," Once, while I was riding on...

没有,只有be busy (in) doing sth 和 be busy with sth 两者的区别只是在于一个接动词 一个接名词啊 例如 I am busy( in) doing my homework. I am busy with my homework 但是这种情况下就有 jane is busy at the moment。 at the moment....

The number you have dialed is busy, please stay on the line 您好,请不要挂机,您拨打的电话正在通话中 The number you have dialed is power off...

C 试题分析:考查固定词组用法。Join sb in sth和某人一起做某事;take part in参加大型活动;join in参加小型的活动。too much修饰不可数名词;much too修饰形容词或者副词。句意:—请和我们一些讨论。—我想的,可是我现在实在是太忙了。故C...

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