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《leave out all the rest》来自 暮光之称电影的 歌词 中英文 I dreamed I was missing, you were so scared 我在梦中迷失自我,你恐惧万分 But no one would listen, cause no one else cared 没有人倾听,因为没有人在意 After my dreaming, I...

http://www.iciba.com/ 里面翻译词典之类的都有,挺实用的,祝你好运咯^^

高手来了 who谁,即指一个人的身份, what什么样的人,指一个人特点个性等等. be who you are 你是谁就是谁,-- be what you are 你是什么样的就是什么样的,做你自己

中文意思是:是奇怪的,是随机的,是你是谁 也可以读作:Is strange, is random, is who you are weird 英 [wɪəd] 美 [wɪrd] adj. 不可思议的;怪诞的,超自然的;奇怪的,奇异的;命运的,宿命的 n. 命运,宿命;厄运;命运女神 复数...


I want to be a teacher There are various kinds of jobs in the world,such as writing,nursing,teaching and engineering.But different people choose different jobs as their ideal careers.This is because everyone has his own interes...


who might you be?好比我们问:您是何方人士?给人一种怪怪的和文诌诌的感觉。意思和who are you?是一样的。

杨颖雯 baby,just be who you are求资源 有直接能听的音频吗?或者资源 清宴Just 2015-05-27 17:26 | 浏览40 次 音乐 您的回答被采纳后将获得: 系统...

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