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有,意思是因 ... 而闻名 例: The oboist is well known for his improvisation.这位双簧管吹奏者以即兴演奏而著名。 He is well known for his honest dealing.他以真诚待人而著称。

well-known 用作形容词, 在名词前, 之间有短划线 例 : well-known artist (知名的艺术家); well-known voice (知名的声音) well known 用作名词时是两个独立词 例 : The restaurant is well known for its friendly atmosphere and excellent se...

举几个例子就很容易看懂啦 Hongkong is famous for its shopping streets.香港因它的购物街出名(出名的理由) Hongkong is famous as a shopping city. 香港作为一个“购物城”出名(出名的形式) Liu Dehua is a well-known super star. 刘德华...

朋友,很高兴为你作答。 well-know应该是well-known,意思是著名的,众所周知的意思。 其中: be well-known for 是因...而出名。 造句: Jobs was well-known for his designed product, Iphone 4 ,especially when he died of severe disease ...

be famous for 因为…而著名 be famous as 由于…而著名 be known as 由于…而被知道 well-known 可以理解成著名的意思

know 知道 famous 著名的 be famous for sth./sb.doing sth. be best-known/well-known for /in ... well-known---知名的, 两者程度还是有差别。

be well-known as +身份、职位名词,翻译为“以某种身份职位而闻名”。 例如:Obama is known as the first black president of the USA be well-known for+原因,翻译为“因某一方面原因而闻名” 例如:Shakespeare is known for his dramas.

be well known for 因何而出名,为什么有名。 be well known 众所周知的。

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