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at the moment 的意思是“现在”“此刻”,常与一般现在时或现在完成时连用.例如: I have got enough to do at the moment. 但是,at the moment 有时也作“当时”讲,用于过去时态.例如: I didn't buy that book,because I had no money on me at the ...

at this moment [机] 在这个瞬间; 例句: 1. He is in narnia at this moment. 目前他就在那尼亚。 2. I can't speak clearly at this moment. 这个时候我说不清楚. 3. At this moment, this is me, in my most sadistic moment. 这个时刻,就是我...

at the moment(此刻,现在)等同于now,用于正在进行时句中

同意词组 用在过去时或者现在时 the可换成this或者that

Dear Baby,At this moment ,I miss you so much . Do you know,I love you very much.I am willing to give everything I can for you to pay. I thought my feiends depends on my own But I was wrong With you later I still love you than l...

at this juncture 在这个当口,在这个节骨眼上 at the moment 此刻, 现在, 目前 请及时采纳,不懂继续问( 天天在线 ) (*^__^*) 祝学习进步! 谢谢!

at this moment, miss you 此刻,思念你 双语例句 1 At this happy moment. I miss you very much. 在着幸福的时刻,我更加的怀念你。


歌曲名:At This Moment 歌手:Arthur Prysock 专辑:The Best Of Arthur Prysock: The Milestone Years At This Moment Performer: Michael Buble Album: Crazy Love What did you think, I would do at this moment, When you're standing before...

此刻,你是我唯一的中心! -------------Shanghai Onesmart Education is glad to serve for you.

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