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大家好我叫. Hello, everybody, my name is 英语自我介绍常用语: 1.Good morning everyone. 大家早上好。 2.It’s my pleasure to introduce myself to you here. 我很高兴在这儿向大家作自我介绍。 3.I’m very happy to introduce myself to yo...

"Hello, everyone, I am * * * *, today I want to share with you a story." “大家好,我叫×××,今天我要给大家分享一个故事。”

你好,这句话该这样说: Hello ereryone,I'm Wu WenWen,希望可以帮到你哦

嗨!大家好我叫杨钧皓。 英译: Hi! Everybody, I am Yang Junhao.

"Hello, everyone, I am * * * *, today I want to share with you a story."“大家好,我叫×××,今天我要给大家分享一个故事。”“大家好,我叫×××,今天我要给大家分享一个故事。”这句话用英语怎么说?

大家好 我叫xx . Hello, my name is XX 今年16岁 I am 16 years old 来自xx学校 爱好学习 From XX school, interested in learning 重点词汇 大家好hello everyone; hello everybody 今年this year 来自from; come from; hail from 学校school; ...

Hello, my name is Xiao Huang. I this year eleven years old, I come from Shaoguan Peace Primary school. I most like the color is blue, because blue is the color of the sky. I most like to eat ice cream. Because I can eat ice cre...

hello! ereyone! iam. luck. Nice to. meet. you

Hello everyone, my name is XX. I com from Guangyuan. I like to play basketball.

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . Hello. My name is May. I am an 11-year-old girl. I like English. I come from Xuezhou primary school.

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